Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Page: YouTube Video Links

I've added a page providing links to my YouTube videos, which can be accessed from the sidebar.  On this page, my YouTube videos are listed under three categories: AMVs, Top 10 Lists, and YTPs/YTPMVs.
 "AMV" stands for "Animated Music Video" or sometimes "Anime Music Video."  Basically, I put video clips from video games, anime, cartoon, etc. to a song.  Top 10 List should be self-explanatory, but it's where I give my top 10 things within a specific criteria.  "YTP" stands for "YouTube Poop," a type of video where various internet memes are mixed to together to create a random and funny video, while "YTPMV" stands for "YouTube Poop Music Video," where various internet memes are put to song.  99% of the time, YTPs and YTPMVs do not involve actual poop (mine might mention it occasionally, though).

Please check out the page and click the links to any videos that interest you.  I hope you enjoy my videos!



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